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Team building

Team building at Skakaonica is an opportunity for you to discover new ways to strengthen your team unity and improve your productivity outside of the office space.

Jumping towards success

Teambuilding is not just an opportunity to relax and have fun, but a chance to discover new ways to strengthen the bond between team members outside of the business premises. Jumping on trampolines, climbing walls, ninja warrior course, and overcoming obstacles on the adventure course will allow you to feel like a child again while simultaneously building the foundation for a successful future for your team.

Instead of formal presentations and boring activities, you have an unforgettable experience waiting for you that will connect you in a unique way. Through a series of team games, competitions, and fun activities on trampolines and other attractions, you will have the opportunity to build trust, communication, and solidarity among colleagues.

Team Building - Price List

Ava Shopping Park

Working days

2500 RSD per jumper


2500 RSD per jumper

Renting the entire space

Price on inquiry



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ALL JUMPERS MUST HAVE A SIGNED VALID LIABILITY WAIVER. For persons under the age of 14, parents or legal guardians must fill out and sign. The contract is mandatory for EVERYONE for safe jumping and must be signed on the first visit. After signing, every next time, you can use the amusement park services on your own if you are 10 years old or older.
You can download the liability waiver for Skakaonica Dorćol HERE.
You can download the liability waiver  for Skakaonica Ava HERE.

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