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Birthday party

Birthday party Belgrade is the perfect place for your little ones to jump into the next year of their lives in a fun and unforgettable way! Rent the space of our birthday-trampoline park and organize a memorable and extraordinary birthday celebration for your child!


Children’s birthday celebration at our playground-trampoline park is anything but ordinary! If you want your child’s birthday to be memorable – you’re in the right place!

Our birthday venue for kids has prepared the best entertainment so far. From the jumping area, where kids will feel like they’re flying, to the sponge pool for the most fun falls ever, to the Air-bag zone, where every jump will be like floating on clouds.

For little athletes and basketball enthusiasts, we have our basketball court with a trampoline, where kids will play the most exciting game so far. For those with a competitive spirit, there is the zone for their favorite children’s game – dodgeball!

These are just some of the attractions offered by our children’s birthday venue, where kids will enjoy the most fun birthday party ever.

You can enter our birthday kingdom at two locations in Belgrade – Ava Shopping Park and Dorćol. Our children’s birthdays are designed to last 2 hours. After 1.5 hours of unforgettable fun provided by the birthday venue, comes the sweet part – cake, blowing out candles, and singing the birthday song! The terms and conditions for organizing birthday parties at Skakaonica can be read HERE.

The safety of your children is our top priority, and with a set of rules that must be followed, you can confidently leave your children to our professional staff.

Give your children the best birthday ever, and book the birthday venue for their special day!

Birthdayparty Belgrade - price list

Ava Shopping Park

Working days

1900 RSD per jumper


2200 RSD per jumper

Renting the entire space

Price on inquiry


Working days

1500 RSD per jumper


1800 RSD per jumper

Renting the entire space

Price on inquiry

What does the children's birthday celebration at the Skakaonica include?

Additional notes

Birthday Celebrations for the Youngest Ones at the Playroom - Birthday Party Venue

Why shouldn’t even the youngest ones enjoy the charms of our Trampoline Park and celebrate their birthday this way?

For all children up to 8 years old, we have prepared something special!

Within our Trampoline Park, on an area of 1000 square meters, there is a section called Playroom – Birthday Party Venue, which includes numerous fun activities for the little ones. The Playroom – Birthday Party Venue is a real wonderland for your kids! This area is also adapted for babies, featuring many fun attractions that encourage movement and active play for children. From a magical slide down a donut slide, climbing up a 5-meter high volcano with the help of ropes, to a zone with a ball pit and slides on three levels, fun is guaranteed!

Our expert staff will ensure that every activity is not only safe but also filled with laughter and play, and you can read the conditions for organizing birthday celebrations in the Playroom HERE.

Every celebration with us is an opportunity for a true adventure, filled with joy and playful moments. Come and give your child a dream birthday in our Playroom – Birthday Party Venue!

Everyone is invited for an unforgettable fun!

Playroom Birthdayparty Belgrade - price list

Ava Shopping Park

Working days – 1h 

10000 RSD

Weekend – 1h 

15000 RSD


Additional notes

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ALL JUMPERS MUST sign a statement of responsibility. For individuals under 18, parents, legal guardians, or someone with power of attorney (with identification) must fill out and sign the waiver. The waiver is mandatory for everyone for safe jumping and health insurance. After signing, for subsequent visits, you can jump alone if you are 10 years or older.
You can download the liability waiver for Skakaonica Dorćol HERE.
You can download the liability waiver  for Skakaonica Ava HERE.

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